Heather Mehal

Heather Mehal Dressage

Big Dog Stables

My experience in hunters, fox hunting, eventing and being a pony clubber has brought me to my true love, Dressage, with a little eventing/jumpers. I was lucky enough to live every little girls dream.  I have been riding since before I could walk and the horses and I have a special relationship because of it.

I am very driven and take my goals very seriously.  Hard work and a clear vision have always been the keys to my success, as well as my students.  I have trained my current horse, Handsome from a 3 year old auction find, up the levels to earn to my USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medals. Most recently in the 2018 USDF Dressage Nationals, we placed in the top 10 in I2.

If I have to list my accomplishments, the awards are there, but for me, bringing along my horse, Handsome, that I was told would “will never be a Grand Prix caliber horse” and succeeding is probably my highest accomplishment.  I am driven by a challenge.  If my students are afraid or lack confidence, my job is to teach them the tools to move beyond their fears.  The same applies to the horses.  I always root for the underdog and will do my best to create a “Seabisquit, the little horse that could."

I am excited to work with Freedom Farm PEMF and Rachael to help me prove to myself and others what can be achieved with knowledgeable, positive people working towards a common goal. Hope to see you all out there reaching for your goals!  And with Rachael’s help you can attain them!

Please feel free to contact me online or follow my team on Facebook.  (Photo credit Hightime Photography)



Ines Ritter

Dressage Rider


I began riding at the age of seven and my love for horses has not slowed down since. I am originally from Germany, and grew up riding and training under the German training system. Throughout my teenage years, I had the opportunity to ride and compete several quality German Riding Ponies in Dressage as well as Show Jumping.  After moving to the United States in my twenties, I served in the United States Army.


I started competing at the lower levels of Eventing and eventually switched to mainly dressage riding. I am currently showing a BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Mustang, Reno, at 4th Level, with the goal to reach the FEI levels in the near future.

I am excited to see the long term benefits of PEMF.  As a dressage rider, suppleness and flexibility with recovery after training and competitions are key to Reno's success. I am also tracking the benefits of PEMF for myself. 

I am also promoting the athleticism and talent of BLM Mustangs in the sport of Dressage.  Please follow Reno and I on Facebook!

Caitlin Romeo

Eventer & Dressage Rider

I am an ambitious, self-driven advanced level event rider who has been competing in three-day-evening with multiple horses for the past several years. Riding has developed both a strong drive and determination to achieve my goals. Through many challenges, I have remained committed to my passion and stayed focused in order to live and compete to the fullest potential. I am taking my knowledge and passion for the well being of  equine athletes by becoming certified through the FL Rehab Institute for Equine Sports Massage therapy to help improve and maintain their ability to perform at the top level.


My riding career started as a working student under Rosemary "Rozo" McLaughlin.  I also started to work with her niece Laurie Hudson. In 2008, I started traveling to Southern Pines, NC for the winters and started working with Robert Costello to qualify for the Young Riders team. In fall 2009, I started riding with Denny Emerson, training with him in Vermont as well as his facilities in Southern Pines, NC. Denny has helped both myself and my horses become more competitive along with moving up to the Advanced level in 2012. At age fifteen, I went on to represent Area 1 in Canada in the Training level Three Day event at Glen Oro, placing 8th out of 30 competitors.  In 2008, I once again represented Area 1 in Parker, CO on the CCI** team, and won team Silver with Spirit Of The Outback, a 17.3hh gelding, and then went on to compete at the Advanced level.


Beyond my career as a competitive rider, I started an equine business out of my private farm in 2012. I moved to Southern Pines, NC in order to train year round. I purchased my farm in 2016 (which is located off Youngs Rd). I have developed a strong boarding, training, sales and lesson barn. I have taken many young horses and off-the-track thoroughbreds through the various levels of eventing and helped young riders get started in the sport. I really look forward to pursuing my goal at competing at the upper levels and internationally. 

Please feel free to reach out to Caitlin online.